We offer a bespoke conveyancing service where each client has a direct contact who is either a solicitor or Licensed Conveyancer. Clients’ qualified legal professional will be with them throughout the process. We have expertise in unregistered land, new leases, freeholds, leaseholds, transfers of part and leasehold extensions to name but a few of the areas within which we work. We can act for a number of lenders and provide this quality level of service for our clients and their lenders.

Briefly the conveyancing process comprises the following; we receive the Memorandum of Sale from the selling agents, we then open a file for you and either draft contracts or receive them from the seller’s lawyers, along with associated documentation. From there searches are ordered and enquiries raised. Once enquiries are dealt with and any mortgage offered with all documents signed we will contact you for your preferred dates, any deposit and authority to proceed with exchange of contracts. Once contracts have exchanged you and the seller are legally bound to complete on the date agreed. The mortgage monies would then be requested from the lender for completion, a redemption statement for any existing mortgage and the balance of any funds from the buyer. On the completion day funds will be sent along and up the chain by the buyers’ lawyers, once funds are received you are informed and the agents are asked to release keys to the buyer. After completion any mortgage redemption is paid and an application is made by the buyers’ lawyers for registration of ownership at HM Land Registry. If we are acting for you in your purchase we shall return to you with any original documents and a copy of the title for the property once this is registered.

The national average timescales from offer acceptance to completion is between two to three months.